Aomori Winery Hotel


At Aomori Winery Hotel, we craft our wine with great care.

Aomori Winery Hotel proudly houses the Sun Mamoru Winery No. 2 Facility. Aomori prefecture is the largest producer of Steuben grapes in Japan. They are mainly produced in the Tsugaru region, where the climate is suited for wine making. We are one of only a few hotels in the entirety of Japan with an annexed winery, offering guests the experience of visiting a winery during their hotel stay. We hope you will visit our winery and discover the essence of Japanese wine.

A Wine Crafted for Pairing

The wine at Sun Mamoru Winery is crafted to pair well with meals. Our guests have the exclusive dining experience of a delightful meal with a well-paired wine crafted locally at the annexed winery.

Wine Tasting

We offer a prepaid card for our sample assortment with either 1000 yen or 2000 yen deposit. The 500-yen prepaid card is available for purchase at the front desk.

A refundable deposit of 500 yen is required at the time of purchase. The deposit is fully refunded after the wine tasting when you return the physical card.

1000 yen or 2000 yen + refundable deposit 500 yen
Deposit is fully refunded upon the card’s return.

How to use the Tasting Machine

How to use the Tasting Machine

Tour the Sun Mamoru Winery No.2 Facility

The facility holds a fruit presser and twenty four 5000-liter fermentation vessels. Approximately 7,000 bottles of wine can be made from one vessel. The facility’s production line is capable of producing 6,000 bottles in one hour.
The facility is open for viewing through the glass windows, where guests can learn the process of wine crafting (Open 9:00~18:00, Free).
Guests can also view the production of wine using locally produced grapes during grape harvest seasons.