Aomori Winery Hotel


Surrounded by the Four Seasons of Aomori
Enjoy a Refined and Serene Moment

In a Space Embracing the Nature of Aomori
Savor the Fine Dining and Marvelous Scenery

In a Space Embracing the Nature of Aomori <br />
Savor the Fine Dining and Marvelous Scenery<br />

Surrounded by the sea, Aomori is one of the largest seafood producers in Japan. The rich nature of the World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains and the Hakkoda Mountains gives the rivers abundant minerals enriching the ocean and the sea life. The climate of Aomori, with significant temperature disparity between day and night, is optimal for producing excellent quality fruits and vegetables that are packed with sweetness and flavor.
Using such exceptional ingredients from Aomori, we aspire to offer the highest degree of hospitality.

Relish in the Sublime Flavors
The Seafood at Aomori Winery Hotel

We offer the best seafood in season from our local seas and fresh produce from the fields. The rough northern seas give us the supreme “Oma tuna” and “Fukaura tuna.” The rare, live-caught “Kazamaura ankou” (monkfish), local premium beef “Kuraishigyu,” and the local breed “Aomori Shamrock” chicken are a few of the wonderful ingredients used in our dishes. (*Ingredient availability varies by season)
Our special beef dishes feature meat from cattle we raise with great care including “Protesan Beef,” meat from cattle that are fed lactic acid, and “Japanese beef” raised in Wakinosawa.

Relish in the Sublime Flavors<br />
The Seafood at Aomori Winery Hotel

The Greatest Pleasure of Travel – Breakfast Made with Local Produce for Local Consumption
The Local Cuisine at Aomori Winery Hotel

The Greatest Pleasure of Travel – Breakfast Made with Local Produce for Local Consumption<br />
The Local Cuisine at Aomori Winery Hotel<br />

Our breakfasts, themed as “the Breakfast of Tsugaru,” includes traditional local dishes such as “Kayaki Miso,” “Lake Jusanko Shijimi Miso Soup,” and seasonal “Sai Ikura.” We highlight locally sourced ingredients, including the local specialty “Owani Onsen Bean Sprouts.” These sprouts have been cultivated in the Owani area for over 400 years utilizing the warm water from the hot springs.

A Variety of Food Fairs and Events

Aomori Winery Hotel proudly hosts various food fairs and events. “Japan Sea Seafood Fair,” “Gourmet Fair,” “Beer Festival,” and “Autumn Meat Stamina Buffet” are a few to be named. Many of the dishes pair well with our wines.

Dining Facilities in Aomori Winery Hotel

Main Dining Hall “La Tavel”

Main Dining Hall “La Tavel”

We offer you a fine dining moment of excellence with a playful touch and superb ingredients from the rich nature of Aomori. Savor in the experience with the outstanding scenery of Tsugaru Plain.

Teppanyaki Rokkō

Teppanyaki Rokkō

Rokkō offers exclusive prime dining for a limited 8 guests. We offer fine ingredients such as premium beef Protesan Beef, selected Maesawa Beef, and products of the sea and mountain. Savor in the aroma and sound as the ingredients are prepared on the grill right in front of you.

Seating Capacity 8 Seats
Private Rooms Not Available
Location Annex 1F

Coffee & Wine Salon “709”

Coffee & Wine Salon “709”

Come and enjoy a meal or tea time surrounded by the warm sunshine with a magnificent view of the surrounding scenery. Our homemade apple pie is highly recommended. A Welcome with Wine Tasting 18 different wines from Sun Mamoru Winery are available for tasting (paid service). Our serving machine is an Italian model with the newest technology for quality and temperature maintenance.


Seating Capacity 30 seats
Business Hours 07:00am-09:00pm
Private Rooms Not Available
Location Main Building 1F

Sound G

Sound G

Sing and drink to your heart’s content in our karaoke area. With ambience reminiscent of a disco club in the 80s, it will give you a feeling of elation. Every day is just like Saturday Night Fever!

Seating Capacity 70 Seats
Private Rooms Up to 15 people
Location South Tower 1F

Bar “12”

Bar “12”

Located on the top floor of the hotel, the bar features a spectacular starry night view. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere paired with a delicious wine or cocktail.

Seating Capacity 20 Seats
Business Hours 08:30pm-11:00pm *Last Entry 10:00PM
Private Rooms Not Available
Location South Tower 12F
  • Cold water and wet towels are free of charge.
  • A charge of 1,100 yen will be added for bringing in alcoholic beverages bought at the hotel gift shop to our dining facilities.
  • No outside food is allowed in our dining facilities.
  • Please leave any used dishes on the table.
  • The yukata (simple cotton robe) provided in the guest rooms may be worn within hotel premises including dining facilities.